Part Time Pirate

by Mike on November 24, 2008

I’m a Part Time Pirate. The next installment of Stuff Mike Likes is featuring my brand new Coffee Cozy handmade by AlyTheRed. I purchased it from her shop. She has a ton of designs to choose from.

It’s an amazing little thing. You always know which coffee cup is yours. PLUS it helps the environment. (And just plain looks cool).

I get coffee from Full City Coffee almost every day. Weekdays when I’m at my office I have a cup that I use, wash out, and reuse. However on the weekend when I’m a little bit more on-the-go, or working at my part-time job I don’t have my cup. I get a paper cup. Hey, at least it’s not styrofoam.

I’ve been using my new Coffee Cozy for a couple weekends now, and I’ve gotten so many great compliments. People love it. I encourage you to GET YOUR OWN. AlyTheRed rocks! Thank you again!! Click the images to check out the etsy pages. There are LOTS more too.

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