Photography is a passion for me. I’ve always had a camera – Since I was a very small boy. However, only recently had I come to understand and love the art of photography. After acquiring an SLR camera – I was hooked! Understanding the technical aspects has increased my appreciation for the field 100 fold.

These few images are a sampling of some of my work.

You can see all my photography at Flickr. Feel free to make me a contact – I would love to see your work too. You can also hire me for your photography needs: f/427 Photography.

Published Photos

Groundwork Organics

Groundwork Organics (www.groundworkorganics.com) has used some of my photography on thier website. I’ve been a member of the Groundwork Organics CSA since Spring of 2007. Fresh produce every week! Thank you Gabe & Sophie.

Eugene Monthly Magazine

Hippo Press is interested in expanding it’s coverage. They chose two of my photos to be featured in their Eugene Monthly magazine mock-up for sales and bidding of a new local magazine. “Line up the color” taken at The Science Factory at Alton Baker Park in Eugene, Oregon. As well as “Building,” taken of The Citizen’s Building located at 10th & Oak St., downtown Eugene.

Other Photos by Chloe Gallagher.


I began making “Icons” in 2005 for LiveJournal. Icons (also known as userpics, or avatars) are defined as being graphics with dimensions of 100×100 or less, and less than 40KB in file size. [LJ F.A.Q.]

They are used to evoke your style, design, likes, dislikes, interests, fandoms, emotions, or just to be funny, witty, serious, or loving. All of my icons are posted in my graphics journal 427_fandom at LiveJournal. You can browse the tags, or scrapbook where I have over 8000 icons stored.

Large Graphics

Shortly after creating Icons, I started making larger graphics. These are used for headers, banners, declarations, or whatever. All fandom or stock related work is also posted at 427_fandom.


Mike’s photography and graphics always impress me and far exceed my wildest hopes. Every time I need new graphics I go to him, and have always been thrilled with the results. Even when I don’t know exactly what I want, I give him the basic parameters and he manages to hit the nail on the head every single time with his ingenuity and creativity. He is a dream to work with, constantly providing feedback and suggestions for improvements to my ideas. He isn’t satisfied until it’s perfect. I don’t know how he does it! I will never turn to anyone else.

~ Michael Stafford

Hopefully as I expand my field of work I will expand my portfolio. Wish me luck!

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